Does my voice matter?

Lindsay McAllister
At the York Princess Center polling place in York, Pa on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

My name is Lindsay McAllister, and I am not a political person. I’m a mother of two wonderful children, a Dallastown resident and Realtor. In fact, I had never registered to vote until my friend Kristine announced she was running for state representative. Excited to support my friend, I registered for the first time in my life and signed her petition to appear on the ballot. Now, operatives from the Democratic Party have filed a lawsuit accusing my friend, our PTO president, of submitting fraudulent signatures, and of turning in over one thousand invalid signatures -- including my own.

These Democrats are so afraid to see a strong, intelligent woman on the ballot that they resort to underhanded tricks, like claiming I don’t vote at the address I signed for. How can they lie about me, about my home, just for their political games? Do they have no conscience at all? All my life I’ve been told by so-called Democrats that they stand for fairness and access to democracy, and by Republicans about maintaining election integrity. Democrats say they will fight tooth and nail to ensure every American can vote, but is it really a fair election if we cannot vote for the people we truly desire to see on the ballot? Has all of their rhetoric about fairness been a trick to gain votes the whole time?

I will not stay silent as Democrats take away my right to vote for my friend. Individuals who collected signatures or signed the petition can potentially testify to shut down this attack on democracy. So corrupt Pennsylvania Dems, I have four words for you: “See you in court.”