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Vote for Stan Saylor in May 17 Primary

Bev Mackereth
Spring Garden Township
Stan Saylor represents the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 94th District.

I’m writing in support of Stan Saylor for state representative. Having had the privilege of working side by side with Stan when I served as a state representative, I learned about Stan and a lot about the way state government works. Stan holds the position of Appropriations Chairman in the House of Representative. In that role, he has responsibility for Pennsylvania’s $37 billion budget. He is a fiscal watchdog, who has held the administration accountable for its spending.

When I served as the secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Stan did a thorough review of the department’s budget and fought hard to reduce fraud and ensure program integrity. We didn’t always have the easiest conversations, but he took the time to listen and learn about the largest agency budget. And in the end, we compromised to make sure the needs of the people were met, while reducing costs and ensuring that funds are used appropriately.

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