'Ridiculous' reason to remove mayor

Lawrence Goldman
York Township
Six new York City police officers were sworn in Monday afternoon, April 11, 2022, at York City Hall. Bil Bowden photo

York City Mayor Michael Helfrich

I recently read a report in The York Dispatch that stated 18 people have signed on to a lawsuit requesting York City Mayor Michael Helfrich be removed from office because he failed to take his oath of office in a timely manner. 


“An over-reliance on rules and regulations chips away at our common sense." This is one of my favorite quotes, mainly, because I claim its origination.

If you want to try to remove the mayor because of deficient character, I'll be the first signer of such a petition.

However, you can't remove a mayor who has been in office for over four years on a technicality. As written previously: Ridiculous.

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