Longtime Republicans looking for candidate 'who doesn't support lies and disinformation'

Rhoda Kingston
West Manchester Township
Supporters of then-President Donald Trump climb the west wall of the Capitol on Jan. 6 in Washington.

Responsible mothers I know all try to raise their children to tell the truth at all times. Adolf Hitler’s dictum was that you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, it will be believed. He seems to be right.

The recount after expensive recount show conclusively that our election was fair and honest. Too many of our citizens choose to credit Donald Trump’s lie that he was cheated after lawfully winning. The tragedy is that decent people believe the lie and want to redress the supposed injustice.

America has had notable statesmen in our past, but our precious democracy is in peril. We see politicians desperately clinging to power by any means and think it only happens in the Third World, not in America.

We still have many sources of news in our country — it’s not that hard to learn the truth. Many of us longtime Republicans are looking for a candidate who doesn’t support lies and disinformation.

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