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Rep. Scott Perry's excuse for voting against war crimes resolution is false

Brian Newman

Congressman Scott Perry chose to be one of only six representatives to vote against HR 7276, which directs the president to investigate possible war crimes by Vladimir Putin and Russia.

In his letter of April 10, 2022, to me explaining his vote, Mr. Perry stated "H.R. 7276 would push the State Department to work and share information with the International Criminal Court," which he later calls "a kangaroo court."

To be clear, HR 7276 does NOT force the State Department at all. The bill states "the President shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report." The bill says nothing about the International Court. It will be up to Congress to distribute this report.

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This appears to be a deflection by Mr. Perry to either change the subject from Putin or to use the ICC as a straw man to articulate his isolationist ideology. Mr. Perry should either correct his error that the State Department does not have to release information to the ICC or clarify why he was one of only six out of 435 House members to vote against investigating Russia for war crimes.

Congressman Scott Perry attended opening ceremonies at the 104th Pennsylvania Farm Show Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020. Saturday was the first day of the week-long farm show. Bill Kalina photo