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Ask lawmakers to support amending Safe Drinking Water Act

Kathy Cook
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania

Clean drinking water is our constitutional right. State Rep. Mary Isaacson’ bills HB 1413 and HB 1414 amend the Safe Drinking Water Act. \

The first lowers the level of acceptable contaminants in our drinking water. The second allows the governor to declare an emergency in communities affected by cancer-causing pollutant PFAS with over 10 parts per trillion.

Recently, a legislator posted memorandum about the need for free drinking water on golf courses. I am not against golfers having water, but I do feel that worrying about drinking water on golf courses is a bit frivolous, self-serving and out of touch with citizens.

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In Pennsylvania there are homes without any clean, safe drinking water.  Let’s get our priorities straight. Please call your legislators and demand cleaner water and ask them to vote for HB 1413 and HB 1414.

— Kathy Cook is the policy director for League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania.