Reject 'put religion in schools' candidates in Dover Area

Kathy Herman

I am a Dover Area school board director. Recently I attended a Meet the Candidates night at a local church. There were five candidates on the panel, one being a current member of the school board. The questions, at first, were those often asked of candidates running for the board, like what are the responsibilities of a board member, who decides curriculum, etc. All questions were asked by the pastor.

Eventually, questions turned to politics and religion. Some were: How do you feel about mandatory masks and vaccines? Should there be more religious practices in our schools? And should staff and students dress like the identity they were born with or how they identify themselves now?

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One candidate stated we misunderstood what our forefathers wanted in the Constitution as far as separating church and state. She suggested we have a Bring Your Bible to School day. One gentleman said we shouldn't rewrite American history for 14% of the population. Another individual said the more we focus on diversity the more division we create. The pastor expressed concern over Dover's Unity Council and the relevant publications listed on the council's website.

One gentleman mentioned how Intelligent Design failed to be accepted in our schools. We in Dover all remember how that went, especially the $1 million price tag we paid. Hopefully these candidates and their "put religion in our schools" campaign will not be voted in on Nov. 2. Please support Amy Brinton, Terri Emig, Charles Delauter and Gwen Murphy for Dover Area School Board.