Re-elect York City Mayor Michael Helfrich

Vickie Washington
Former York City Council member
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As someone who has been a city official, reviewed 20 years of city budgets, bond issues and audits, has watched as in budget after budget we robbed Peter to pay Paul, struggled to pay for essential budget items, and raised taxes and sewer bills, I finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

Mayor Michael Helfrich is turning a financially distressed city around. He is the change the city needed. He not only is leading us out of financial distress but through the difficult times of a pandemic.

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Shareef Hameed might be a nice guy, but this is not the time or a job that you learn once you are elected. The mayor is the CEO of the city. No company would hire a CEO who has no knowledge or experience in the business they are asking to run. 

I believe strongly that the city has finally turned the corner under the leadership of Mayor Helfrich. I strongly urge voting to re-elect Mayor Helfrich on Nov. 2.