Protect public schools with Freireich, Sullivan and Gee

Heather Salvaggio
Spring Garden Township

I am voting for Freireich, Sullivan, and Gee for the York Suburban school board because:

They are each uniquely qualified, and together they are a balanced, dedicated and experienced team. Go to to learn more about these candidates and their record of giving back to this community.

While they are committed to fiscal responsibility and addressing our district’s budget concerns, they are also committed to maintaining academic excellence by hiring and retaining excellent educators and protecting music, art, athletics and extracurricular activities. They will strive to balance the interests of students, teachers and taxpayers.

York Suburban Senior High School in Spring Garden Township, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018. Dawn J. Sagert photo

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They will ensure that every child is represented, respected and valued. Freireich, Sullivan, and Gee won’t ban books or censor curriculum. They won’t exclude voices to further a political agenda.

Keeping our kids and community members safe and healthy by following vetted public health guidelines during a worldwide pandemic is the right thing to do. Love thy neighbor. Health and safety are not and should never be political.

They are transparent in their agendas and have not accepted funding from special interest groups. They cross-filed as both Democrat/Republican because they want to serve all York Suburban children and families, not a single political party. School boards should be non-partisan.

All children deserve a strong public education. We must protect our public schools and reject those that seek to undermine them.

I am fortunate and proud to have been the child of a public-school teacher and the recipient of an incredible public education (public primary, secondary, undergraduate and medical schools) that has served me well. The next generation deserves no less.

To save my child’s education and yours vote for FSG and only FSG.