Vote for Suzanne Smith for judge

Clasina Houtman
Attorney Suzanne Smith is photographed at Kearney Galloway Graybill, LLC in York City, Friday, Feb. 19, 2021. Dawn J. Sagert photo

When I started as a young attorney in the York County Public Defender’s Office 22 years ago, Suzanne Smith was my boss and mentor. Every time I had a question about what to do with a case (which was a lot), I went to Suzanne. She would take the time to listen to my issues, and then she would tell me what would be the right thing to do with the case. Never the easy way, or the quick way, but the right way, whatever that would take.

This is why Suzanne Smith is the best candidate for judge of common pleas. These are the judges that impact people’s daily lives in criminal court (as defendants or victims), in family court with decisions on divorce, custody and child support, and in civil court when someone has been wronged. She has the right temperament to listen to the facts before her and to make decisions based on those facts. Her 30-plus years of broad experience have given her the knowledge that is needed to make decisions based the law.

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She will always, always do the right thing, based on the law and not based on her personal or political views. In today’s world, where everything has turned political, it is more important than ever to have judges who are unbiased and impartial. Suzanne will be such a judge. On Nov. 2, please vote for Suzanne Smith.