Vote Freireich, Sullivan and Gee in York Suburban

Cathy Shaffer
Former York Suburban board member
York Suburban Senior High School in Spring Garden Township, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018. Dawn J. Sagert photo

I am supporting Freireich, Sullivan and Gee in the York Suburban school board race. It is important to know the candidates and what they stand for. 

During my 20-year tenure as a York Suburban school board director, I had the opportunity to be part of our district’s remarkable culture, where everyone – students, families, staff, administrators and board members – all feel a part of a community. This is not true everywhere. 

However, I am deeply troubled that today York Suburban is in jeopardy from those with hidden agendas and endorsed by special interests outside of our community. I am concerned by the untruths portrayed, false accusations being cast and scare tactics regarding the budget. The budget discussion is never a rosy discussion, context is crucial, as is civility. Know the candidates.

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Effective school boards need to be nonpartisan and must be able work together to jointly move the district forward. Freireich, Sullivan and Gee have demonstrated the willingness to use civil discourse in interactions with the public. This non-adversarial approach will be key as the board addresses important educational and financial decisions. Know the candidates.

The local 2021 Voter Guide was published one week ago. It provides information about local candidates. Only Freireich, Sullivan and Gee responded, clearly stating their vision for the district. Qualified board members must demonstrate transparency. Know the candidates.

I trust Freireich, Sullivan and Gee to use a balanced approach for what is best for our children and our community so that everyone still wants to raise their family and live in York Suburban School District. I trust them to maintain property values while exhibiting fiscal responsibility. You should too. Know the candidates.

Please vote Freireich, Sullivan and Gee, only these three, on Nov. 2.