No mandatory masks? Fine. How about no mandatory clothes? (... at least it wouldn't kill you)

Richard Mansberger
Jackson Township
District resident Beth Reilly and her son Eamon, 12, a district sixth-grader, rally outside the Central York School District offices prior to a school board meeting there Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. They were advocating for stronger pandemic safety protocols in the district. Bill Kalina photo

Recently my two representatives to the Pennsylvania Legislature, Sen. Mike Regan and Rep. Seth Grove, signed a letter to Pennsylvania school superintendents and school boards in which they defended the choice to forego mask mandates in schools.

So let me get this straight: They believe it is perfectly OK to infect others with a deadly disease by refusing to wear a mask, because a mask mandate is a gross violation of one’s personal freedom.

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Following that logic, I humbly beseech my esteemed representatives to introduce and sponsor legislation to undo all laws within the commonwealth that prevent residents from appearing nude in public. After all, nudists are being deprived of their personal freedom to rid themselves of the terrible constraints of clothing over their entire bodies, not just their faces.

Besides, I doubt there is even one case in recorded history of a person dying after being exposed to a naked person, unlike the hundreds of thousands dead from exposure to COVID.

I am sure Gov. Tom Wolf’s recent mask mandate for schools will solicit even more cries for freedom from bodily strictures. So, please use this momentum to set nudists free and thus accentuate the paucity of common sense.