Use aid to save York City sewer system

Todd Clay
York City
The City of York's wastewater treatment plant Wednesday, March 3, 2021. The York City Council on Tuesday approved the sale of its wastewater treatment system. Bill Kalina photo

The other day I got a survey asking how the City of York should spend $35.3 million it's getting from the federal government in what is probably the first of several payouts to help states and local governments recover from losses as a result of COVID.

Funny thing was that there was no option to use it to save the sewer system.  Instead it was mostly spending on programs that haven't even been thought out in the least other than to offer some garbage lingo that's considered hot topics in the news cycle, like health coverage or fixing up parks and mental health care with no description of what any of it means or costs and seems like a big slush fund.

We need it to save or sewer system. Short of that the money should be rebated to taxpayers.

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