LETTER: Former West Manchester supe endorses Hickey

Bradley C. Jacobs
West Manchester Township
West Manchester Township Board of Supervisors board members Rosa G. Hickey, right, and  Steven Harlacher during a special meeting with Shiloh Water Authority at the West Manchester Township Municipal Building in West Manchester Township, Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020. Dawn J. Sagert photo

As a former West Manchester Township supervisor, it is indeed an honor to endorse my friend of 25-plus years, Rosa Hickey, for reelection to the West Manchester Township Board of Supervisors.

If there is an individual who exemplifies and contributes their special talents to their community and is recognized as a “servant leader” it is Rosa Hickey. Taking a critical look at why I recognize Rosa as a servant leader, she can be trusted and has an attitude to serve, using good principles and values. She inspires, helps and builds up people. She has always had the ability to contribute something of great value to an organization. Rosa is a very compassionate and caring person.

Under Rosa’s direction the township over the past years has maintained one of the lowest municipal tax rates in York County, while preserving the quality of life that township residents enjoy and intend to pass on to their children. She has continued to promote a strategy of responsible growth and balance between commercial development and residential zoning. She has promoted regional cooperation with neighboring communities resulting in shared services and budget savings.

She has demonstrated strong leadership opposing the sale of the City of York Wastewater Treatment Plant to Pennsylvania American Water that will increase the quarterly sewer bills of township resident’s 200% to 300%.

On May 18, please cast your vote for Rosa Hickey for West Manchester Township supervisor. A leader with vision, wisdom, and action.