LETTER: Re-elect Magisterial District Justice Linda Williams

Larry D. Homsher
York City
The office of Magisterial District Judge Linda Williams office, 1285 E. Princess St. in York City.

I have had the privilege of calling District Justice Linda Williams a friend for almost 20 years.  

Linda has served on the bench for 18 years. Previously, she was a deputy sheriff for York County for five years.

Currently, Linda Williams is the only female magisterial district justice in York City and one of only four female district justices within the county.

Linda is a York City homeowner and taxpayer, a mother of five children and grandmother to eight. 

During the past 18 years Linda Williams has proven herself to be a woman of the highest integrity, 

dedicated to being fair, impartial and respected by citizens, colleagues, attorneys and law enforcement. She understands the importance of the judicial system for all involved parties. 

She has been a firm but fair jurist with all parties brought before her court. Linda understands the importance of reducing truancy rates within her district.  

I admire Linda William’s dedication, work ethic, devotion to family and community. The City of York is lucky to have a district justice of her caliber. I ask everyone to please look at her qualifications and her record as a fair judge. I am sure you will agree that Linda Williams most definitely deserves reelection as your magisterial district justice.