LETTER: Ruman checks all the boxes in West Manchester

Gary Taylor
West Manchester Township
Ron Ruman

Ron Ruman, a candidate for West Manchester Township supervisor, represents the forward, progressive, positive and beneficial change we, as residents, all seek, desire and deserve.

No stranger to politics, Ron has served for 18 years on the West Manchester Township Planning Commission, and has witnessed firsthand the stagnation, antiquated policies, thinking and lack of action in the “good ol’ boy” regime that has long kept the township light years behind and negatively impacting public safety, zoning enforcement, taxpayer protection and quality of neighborhood life.

That stagnation and antiquated law existence is evident in the 1987 Zoning Law, still in place today, which hinders attracting businesses to commercial and industrial zones which grow the tax base and create local jobs. If elected, Ron will change that for the benefit of all. How would that be bad?

Ron Ruman will put an end to local government “secrecy” and increase transparency to all residents, as it should be. From publishing supervisors contact info, live streaming meetings and posting proposed budgets for all to see, to letting neighborhoods know of proposed zoning changes – these are only some of Ron’s increased transparency plans. As tax-paying township residents, don’t you think we deserve to know and be privy to this information?

Ron Ruman checks all of the boxes for positive, progressive and transparent change, in the best interest of all of the neighborhoods in West Manchester Township. His integrity, policy knowledge, empathy, experience and neighborhood compassion is second to none. Beyond that, he listens and hears each and every conversation and concern. Guaranteed.

When you vote for Ron Ruman on Tuesday, May 18, you’re voting for better neighborhoods for you, your family and friends. Isn’t that a good thing?

On Tuesday, May 18, vote Ron Ruman.