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LETTER: Local elections very much matter

Gail and Tom Druck
Lower Windsor Township
Mail-in ballots are seen after being sorted Friday at the Chester County Voter Services office, in West Chester, Chester County.

Turnout for the May 18 primary election for municipal offices is expected to be low, as usual. That’s too bad. Decisions made at the local level have a big impact on our communities and our pocketbooks.

In November, my husband and I attended the regular meeting of the Lower Windsor Township Board of Supervisors to express our support for Modern Landfill and its proposed expansion.

The current operation will reach capacity within five years. The issue had been a matter of public discussion for nearly two years as the facility and township negotiated a new host agreement.

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But in a surprise and sudden move, and without public notice, the board voted in December to end negotiations.

That decision by local officials will have profound consequences. By their own admission, in a mailing that supervisors sent to residents, without the landfill, local taxes in Lower Windsor Township would more than triple for residential homeowners to cover the lost tipping fees. There has been no discussion about how the township will make up that lost revenue.

Consider the ripple effect, too. Financial support for volunteer fire companies and local nonprofits would disappear. Payments to Windsor Township, where much of the landfill is located, would dry up. Businesses throughout York County would pay more for disposal options farther away, making them less competitive and passing off costs to customers.

Do you still think local elections don’t matter? The decisions made by our municipal officials affect us all in a very big way. Be sure your voice is heard.