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LETTER: A political label doesn't say much

Mike Wagner
Springettsbury Township
Hundreds wait in line to vote at Northeastern Middle School, Tuesday, November 3, 2020
John A. Pavoncello photo

As primary election signs are starting to pop up, I’ve noticed local school board and Court of Common Pleas candidates advertising themselves as “real Republicans” and “conservative Republicans,” which defines one of the major issues facing our school district, our county, our state and our nation. 

The election process for both school board and judicial elections was designed to make them non-partisan. Judges are elected to be fair to each person who enters a courtroom and to follow the rule of law in each decision. School board directors are elected to provide the best education possible to the children in their districts, while being good stewards of tax dollars.

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I am not sure how a political label assures voters that an elected official will achieve the purpose for which they were elected. These labels on their signs and billboards speak nothing about how they will fulfill their oath of office. Please tell me what you stand for and not what party with which you are registered.