LETTER: Who made Saylor the education czar?

Thomas Kopetskie
Windsor Township
Stan Saylor represents the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 94th District.

I was interested and somewhat dismayed by the article indicating one local legislator has unilaterally decided to punish Pennsylvania school districts economically for not opening full time in August or September. I never realized that state Rep. Stan Saylor was a medical doctor in the area of pandemics, or that he was also a psychic.

At the time, Pennsylvania was one of 22 states with rising COVID numbers. Does he know what these numbers will be after summer? Real experts do not.

It seems presumptuous to me that an elected representative would attempt to usurp the authority of local school boards (and superintendents) – also public servants, also elected officials. Is Stan Saylor now the education czar, dictating to people from Erie to Philadelphia? (Or is he running for governor and this is his way of coming out? Just wondering?)

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It scares me to think that Saylor's many terms as a representative may have gone to his head and now he thinks he can bully local officials statewide to do his bidding – or else pay through the nose. Saylor may be a good guy; however, such strong-arming threats are below him and any "public servant" elected to serve the legitimate needs of the people.

I remind Mr. Saylor that he works for us and not us for him. Further, I surely do not want him calling the shots (pun intended) about when my grandchildren must attend school or penalizing their school for taking a safe course if necessary.

To make these decisions months away is reckless and foolhardy. I urge local school directors to respectfully reject this attempt to take over local decision-making in their schools. This self-appointed "education czar" needs to stay in his lane and stick to meeting the needs, educational and otherwise, of we the people, rather than grandstand for his own political reasons.