LETTER: Poor taste to mention unfortunate incident

Steve Chronister
Dover Township

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021, The York Dispatch ran a story on the death of Dover Township Fire Chief Brian Widmayer. While I am grateful that your article mentioned Chief Widmayer’s impact on the community, I am disappointed that you also included a statement on an unfortunate incident he was involved in 12 years ago.

Since the 2009 incident, Chief Widmayer worked hard to make a positive impact on the world around him, both in his role as chief as well as in his personal life. He was a good man and a deeply loved member of the community. His passing is a huge loss for both the businesses and residents of Dover Township.

While I understand that the information you shared on the incident is factual, I believe it was in bad taste. Chief Widmayer should not be remembered for his mistakes, but instead for what he did to right a wrong and make the world a better place. We could all learn from his example.