LETTER: Vote Perry out if he won't do the right thing and leave

Mary Barnes
Springfield Township

Rep. Scott Perry was described in a newspaper recently as being either loved or loathed in Pennsylvania.

For his post-election actions and Jan. 6 decertification efforts, the Trump wing of the state Republican Party clearly love him. Meanwhile, in the 10th Congressional District, two billboards, two newspaper editorial boards and a website (perryresign.com) are demanding he resign for many of the same reasons.

Some of his disaffected constituents are busy contacting corporate donors. They want to make sure those corporations keep their pledge to cease any more donations to him or those other legislators in the “Sedition Caucus” who voted — even after the deadly siege — to decertify Pennsylvania's election results. 

In this image from video, Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., speaks as the House debates the objection to confirm the Electoral College vote from Pennsylvania, at the U.S. Capitol early Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021. (House Television via AP)

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Mr. Perry’s response has been, as always, “the best defense is an offense.” Whether it makes a difference or not, the hypocrisies embedded in this approach need to be called out. 

For example, he complains this week about Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID vaccine management (with some legitimate points) but never acknowledges the complexities wrought by the previous administration’s just “giving up,” relinquishing any responsibility to develop national pandemic management strategies.

As a Freedom Caucus member, Mr. Perry disdains “government” yet then criticizes the executive branch of our state government for failures resulting from the state public health system’s inability to function due to years of paltry legislative funding.

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e was a proud conservative fiscal hawk, until he wasn’t, when he voted for Trump’s massive tax cuts for the top 1% which, added up, could have robustly helped fund the COVID rescue bills.

Mr. Perry claims to be standing up for the voices of his aggrieved constituents but, by his actions, means only some cherry-picked ones. He has no problem believing he won his own election on the same ballots and under the same rules as Biden did, but calls only the latter’s win illegitimate. Doing so he joins many colleagues, conspiracy theorists and on-line groups ramping up the “Big Election Fraud Lie.”

So we now sit back and watch. Where the Republican Party goes in the next months and years will show us whether Rep. Perry’s tactics have worked or whether, perhaps, enough constituents (of both parties) in the 10th District have had enough of them to vote him out. That is, if he doesn’t, in the meantime, do the right thing and resign.