LETTER: Talk is cheap, Mr. Perry

Diane Phillips
Franklin Township
Congressman Scott Perry attended opening ceremonies at the 104th Pennsylvania Farm Show Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020. Saturday was the first day of the week-long farm show. Bill Kalina photo

Scott Perry doesn’t care about the truth or our votes. Instead of fighting for a sound electoral process, he’s working to undermine it by promoting Trump’s false election claims.

Here are the facts. State and local election officials from both parties held recounts in Pennsylvania and other states. The results did not change. Trump filed dozens of lawsuits without success. Judges noted that evidence of voter fraud was not produced. The state Supreme Court did not concur with Trump nor did the U.S. Supreme Court. 

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Not letting the facts get in the way, Perry has:

  • Promoted Trump’s false claims in the press.
  • Signed onto the ill-fated Texas lawsuit to decertify Pennsylvania’s election results.
  • Led the (failed) House resolution to decertify Pennsylvania's election results in Congress, even after the pro-Trump mob breached the Capitol

And now Perry is allegedly embroiled in the Justice Department scandal with Trump aiming to fire the attorney general and disqualify Georgia’s votes. 

Where is the evidence of wrongdoing that would warrant decertifying election results? All Perry has done is to make allegations. And if balloting was so flawed, what about his own re-election results? How is he able to sit in office?

This isn’t high electoral ground. It’s politics at their lowest. My congressman tried to decertify my vote and yours. That is one of the worst things an elected official can do. 

Talk is cheap, Mr. Perry. Where are the facts? You have dishonored your constituents and your oath of office. It’s time for you to resign.