LETTER: Vote French in the 95th House race

Jane Schussler
Spring Garden Township
Kacey French, 95th House District candidate, speaks during a press conference at the recently-closed Vito's Pizza and Beer Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020. The speakers called for easing of restrictions imposed on eateries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill Kalina photo

I am writing to support Kacey French for the 95th State House seat now held by Carol Hill Evans. I support Kacey because of her community involvement, knowledge of the issues, coalition problem-solving approach and commitment to all district residents.

I met Kacey eight years ago when she recruited me for the County Cup of York Croquet Tournament, a fundraiser that raised over $150,000 for local nonprofits during the two-year period when she served as chair. Her leadership was key to the event's success, skills that she would bring to the state House.

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Before running for state office, Kacey helped build coalitions to address local issues. She was a key organizer in starting a Village to Village nonprofit here so seniors can stay in their homes by sharing rides, repairs and other services. She started a free book exchange program with the neighbors of Penn Park and William Penn JROTC students. Recently, she volunteered with The Movement, a local organization that addresses day care, housing, employment and food shortage needs. She has recruited me and others who want to work with this group. As a state representative, she would continue to build coalitions to address these issues.

Kacey believes the key local and state challenges are education, taxes, job growth and accountability for use of state funds. In my judgment, we need people with more creativity and less partisanship in government. Kacey is an architect and thus looks for  creative solutions to problems. In my volunteer work with her, she does not bring a partisan agenda to the table. She would bring the same nonpartisan approach when analyzing budgets, questioning priorities and advocating for legislation that benefits the entire district. She is the best candidate for our district, and I urge you to support her.