LETTER: Elect DePasquale, a true leader

C. Ann Myers
East Berlin

Businessman. Soldier. Leader. Three words on his yard signs. The businessman polluted a stream, falsified records and accepted an ARD. The soldier supports a commander in chief who belittles war heroes, and calls our veterans “suckers and losers?” The career soldier became a career politician who “seeks to control government spending by doing a better job of spending your hard-earned tax dollars effectively and efficiently.”

The politician said he would “live and set an example every day in everything he does because he’s doing the work of a servant.” The politician has been living off taxpayer dollars — a generous military pension, a state pension and almost a million dollars in salary since joining Congress, while crusading against big spending. Life is tough as a “servant.” It is no wonder this politician has trouble understanding the concept of “living paycheck to paycheck.”

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, left, speaks with Rotary Club of York past-president Mike Summers and club members, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, during the club's program featuring the candidates for the 10th Congressional District at the Country Club of York. Congressman Scott Perry, DePasquale's opponent, appeared in the program last month. Bill Kalina photo

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A leader does not march in line with big donors and special interests. A leader does not stand behind members of an obstructionist caucus and nod like a puppet. A leader does not vote 97% of the time with a president who has not a single shred of humility, honesty or integrity. A leader takes issue when women are disparaged and the disabled are mocked. A leader inspires with quiet words, not angry bluster. A leader has the moral and ethical courage to set a good example. A leader does not pollute a stream and cry victim; does not triple dip taxpayer funds and call himself a servant. A leader has the compassion to look back and lift up the poor, the sick and the elderly. That is why I am supporting Eugene DePasquale — a real leader — for the 10th Congressional District.