LETTER: Wishing you a safe, uncomplicated Election Day

Connor Daugherty
West Manchester Township
Early voters lines up Monday, Oct. 19, 2020, outside York County's election office. Monday was the last day to register ahead of the Nov. 3 election. And many people were there to cast their ballot early. Photo by Jon Alexander

It is truly sad to see how many people in the county I call home are worried about people tampering with ballots.

I can understand why so many people want to make sure their vote is counted by physically dropping off their ballot. I have always wanted voting to be easy as possible and I think many of these early drop-offs are due to people not having hours to vote on Election Day.

I am truly sad to see that more secure drop boxes cannot be set up throughout the county. I do not know why anyone would be against having more people vote, and our state’s importance should drive many more people to vote. We should offer voters anything they want to get more people out to vote. I would have liked to see more states do what California and Nevada did by sending all voters ballots.

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Sadly mail-in ballots have become politicized, but I think we are at a turning point where voting will never look the same. I’m encouraged to see so many new people vote, but we need to keep making voting easier through continuing mail-in ballots and moving elections to a weekend or holiday.

COVID has spurred this new style of voting, and this needs to continue to make voting as easy and simple as possible. Mail-in ballots are secure and safe, and this election should not be fought over by preventing or calling votes fake.

I hope all who vote stay safe and participate in our democratic process.