LETTER: Elect Hammond in Pa.'s 11th Congressional District

Judith Higgins
Lower Windsor Township
York County Commissioner Judith Higgins, left, talks with
Sarah Hammond, a candidate in the 33rd Senate seat special election, during a watch party at Rockfish Public House in York City Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Bill Kalina photo

“If you want something done, ask a woman,” Margaret Thatcher said. I am asking that you consider casting your vote for Sarah Hammond, to do something positive for Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional seat.

Sarah is willing to step up and “do something” for her community. Born in Hanover, this local young woman was raised to work hard, and when she is elected to office, will be focused on ensuring that the needs of people are first, not putting party before country and constituents.

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As a field hockey coach at Hanover Senior High, she knows that young girls need female role models who are positive and strong. Sarah, as their coach, provides the guidance, the enthusiasm and the positive reinforcement that builds teams. More importantly, she teaches them that being a good person is even more important than winning. “I am about doing what’s right for our people.”

The current environment in our country is needing youthful enthusiasm and drive to improve the lives of everyday Pennsylvanians. We have witnessed the gridlock of Washington and how the voices of the people are not being heard as failure to act has led to death, poverty, homelessness and a population that is struggling to survive. Sarah Hammond will champion the needs of people — health care, income, clean water and air — and will be a voice for all of Pennsylvania, not just the wealthy and well positioned. On Nov. 3, or on your mail-in ballot, be sure your vote is for Sarah Hammond, Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District.