LETTERS: Vote like your fate depends on it

Matt Keene
Red Lion
Jackie Wilson, regional director of the Democratic Party of York County, gathers Biden/Harris signs in her garage in Shrewsbury Township Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. She has been delivering the 110 signs she has to southern York County residents who request them. Chad Baker, chairman of the county party, said it will have distributed 5,000 Biden/Harris signs throughout the county. Bill Kalina photo

The last four years have served to destroy a fundamental myth about the United States drilled into Americans from elementary school onward: our belief in the strength and resilience our institutions.

That historically only half of eligible voters have bothered to cast a ballot in presidential election years indicates the extent to which most of us have bought into that.

My favorite high school government teacher used to say that our system was such that you could put an orangutan in the White House for a year and the country wouldn't miss a beat. I never thought I'd see that theory tested in my lifetime, but here we are.

As it turns out, just like a garden, a nation left untended, neglected and which is taken for granted quickly falls into disarray, produces nothing of value, and chokes to death anything of beauty and worth.

Vote as if the fate of the country rides on your ballot in 2020.

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