LETTERS: Leave my campaign signs alone and just vote

Patrick Walker
Warrington Township
Allison Korn-Sherman of Shrewsbury Township replaces an older sign with a Biden/Harris sign outside her home after having it delivered by Jackie Wilson, regional director of the Democratic Party of York County, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. Wilson has been delivering the 110 signs she has to southern York County residents who request them. Chad Baker, chairman of the county party, said it will have distributed 5,000 Biden/Harris signs in the county. Bill Kalina photo

To the driver(s) who chose to drive off the road to run over my presidential yard sign, who took my yard sign when I put it back up and then drove off the road again to hit my second presidential yard sign — really?

Your inability to accept a diversity of views is beneath the grandeur of this historic melting pot called America.

Please, just vote for the candidate of your choosing and allow us all the same privilege and freedom.

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