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LETTER: DePasquale is socially and fiscally responsible

Allison Siegelman
Spring Garden Township
State Auditor General Eugene DePasquale holds his first campaign event in York at Crispus Attucks, Tuesday, January 21, 2020. DePasquale is running as a democratic challenger to Congressman Scott Perry.
John A. Pavoncello photo

I have gotten to know Eugene DePasquale, the Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District, over the last several months. His respectable track record and experience as the current Pennsylvania Auditor General and his six years as a state House representative give him the skillset to serve as a congressman.

Eugene has been a proven fiduciary of taxpayer dollars. He has a long track record of being socially and fiscally responsible, prioritizing the wellbeing of ordinary American folks rather than maximizing the wealth of big business and the top 1%.

Eugene was raised in a working class Pennsylvania family. His brother, Anthony, passed away from the debilitating disease of muscular dystrophy. He witnessed his parents wrestle with paying mounting medical bills and repeated denials by insurance companies to extend coverage to his brother given his pre-existing condition. He also lived through the shame of his father being incarcerated for eight years due to drug dealing. These family challenges have given Eugene the heart and perspective that is needed on Capitol Hill today.

Eugene will work across the aisle and establish bipartisan relations to enact sensible legislation that will improve the quality of life for Americans. Incumbent Rep. Scott Perry’s voting record over three terms shows he is not a leader, but a partisan follower. We need a public servant who will serve the collective good. Vote for Eugene in November.