LETTER: Work first, then play — remember?

Paul Gunning
Springettsbury Township
Principal Michael Snedden welcomes students to York Suburban Middle School as they return for the first time in six months following the COVID-19 shutdown, Wednesday, August 19, 2020. Sixth and ninth grade students started a day earlier than the rest of the district due to moving up to bigger schools.
John A. Pavoncello photo

"Finish your chores, then you can go out to play." 

That was the theme song of every kid's family from our city, rich or poor. We need to understand what that meant and apply it to ourselves today.

Set aside games at all levels. We need to mow the lawn, sweep the floor, make the bed. Then we can get to our play, knowing we took responsibility for ourselves and others. Be important to yourself and people around you. Put the games away until our work is done in repairing and healing our communities.

This society is at a serious crossroads, which the virus has exposed. When you "pray for potatoes, grab a hoe." Make your mothers proud.

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