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LETTER: Keep the faith and support local businesses, farms

Willa Lefever
North Codorus Township
Sonnewald Natural Foods owner Willa Lefever, left, gives a free comfrey plant to Nicky Eberhart, of Gettysburg, during Weed Walks with Willa, a Second Saturday event, at the farm in North Codorus Township, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. Dawn J. Sagert photo

These are the times that test our faith. For those raised in the Christian tradition, do we really believe that all things work together for good … Romans 8:28?

I see the potential for lots of good to come from our COVID-19 experience. We were blessed with cleaner air for a time. The water was cleaner for a while. We discovered how incredibly fragile the industrial food system is. We realized how fortunate we are to live in York County with some of the most fertile farm land in the nation.

And some of us are discovering small farms that produce delicious, nutrient-dense products and sell them directly to their customers.

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A few passionate community members recently made it very easy to connect with local food. Visit Southcentral PA/MD Farm-to-Consumer Alliance on Facebook. You’ll find a searchable, downloadable database (and map) with over 200 local farms that will sell directly to you. No product from California, Chile or China, no middlemen — just delicious fresh food from a farm you can get to know and trust.

Hopefully we will not go back to our unsustainable ways of living. Hopefully we will make a conscious decision to support local small businesses and farms. Hopefully we will keep the faith.