LETTER: Ignore Mike Jones, support those trying to keep you safe

Carol Robbins
State Rep. Mike Jones (R-York Township) is joined by restaurant owners to discuss safe business practices at The Paddock on Market in Springettsbury Township, Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Rep. Jones is one of the leaders of the ReopenYorkPA movement. Dawn J. Sagert photo

It is appalling that Pennsylvania state Rep. Mike Jones would encourage people to “ignore the order” to wear a mask.

Are we also to “ignore” the expert scientists and medical professionals? Should we “ignore” what is happening in Arizona, California, Texas and Florida as well as so many other states that chose to “ignore” face masks?

When I asked the manager of a large local farm market why none of their workers were wearing masks, among the many reasons/excuses he gave was, “Mike Jones says ...”

Perhaps, we need to find a candidate who will give proper guidance to businesses and support keeping constituents safe and healthy. Then, we can “ignore” any candidate who “ignores” our health.

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