LETTER: When is the protest against murdering police officers?

Greg Bortner
Springfield Township

Law enforcement officers have come under attack in this country.

Officers have been shot, stabbed and beaten. These officers continue to respond to calls for help. Officers are dying in the streets protecting us. Since May 27 the following officers have been shot and killed: Sgt. Damon Gutzmiller, age 38; Sgt. Stephen Williams, age 50; Officer Waldis Johnson, age 48; Officer Nathan Lyday, age 24; Deputy Constable Caleb Rule; and Officer Cody Holte, age 29.

I would like to ask the people out there: When will the gathering take place in the square of York to protest the murdering of these officers? Please let me know. I want to get there early. I'm sure there will be quite a crowd.

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York City Police Lt. Daniel Aikey presented the flowers in honor of fallen York City Officer Alex Sable. Sable died on May 9, 2018 after suffering a cardiac arrest during a tactical training exercise for the York County QRT team (Photo by Rebecca Klar).