LETTER: Gov. Wolf acting like a dictator

Susanne Kline
Spring Grove
Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all but “life-sustaining” businesses to close in March to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

I just read the May 13 edition of The York dispatch  How arrogant and spiteful is Gov. Tom Wolf?

I have tried in the past to communicate with him, to no avail. He has made it clear that it is solely his way or death to businesses in certain areas. If he doesn't starve them out, he will kill them with retaliation.

In this day of age we need people who can reach out and compromise. This is not our governor.

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Dictatorship is for other countries, not ours. People please wake up and see the pattern developing as we speak.

How many small businesses will be driven to bankruptcy after many years of hard work and struggle?

How many deaths to suicide, drug overdose, hospital rejection of surgery due to this virus? 

Do they count? Does our governor care? Sadly we know the answer.

I myself have suffered considerable financial losses. I also have loss of sleep at night. But what I don't have is a reality loss. Pennsylvania has endured more than COVID-19.

Wake-up people.