LETTER: Thanks, Rep. Jones, for showing York County isn't ready to reopen

Kevin Miller
Mount Wolf

Just recently 150 people gathered at Wisehaven Hall with state Rep. Mike Jones. They were there to push for York County businesses to re-open.

I want to thank Mike for this gathering because I was someone who was thinking maybe we can do it. Maybe if we are careful and with the right precautions we can re-open here in York County.

The front-line workers, the state and county health departments, have done an incredible job preventing the large coronavirus case load we have seen in neighboring counties like Lancaster. And thanks to them, I thought, maybe we are ready.

Mike Jones is a Republican member-elect for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

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Well, thanks to Mike, R-York Township, we now know we are nowhere near ready to re-open.

Those supposedly respectable business people — by their actions, not wearing masks, not social distancing, and maybe even not washing their hands (I mean, who knows, considering their behavior) — have demonstrated their complete disregard for the health and safety of others.

I would love to see a list of these people so, when we do open, I know who not to do business with. Not because I have a problem with them wanting and pushing to open. But because their behavior has shown we can't trust them to keep us or our families safe, whether they make the dubious claim to be following guidelines or not.

Just as I will never go back to either of the Round the Clock Diners I used to love. If they are willing to flaunt health regulations now, I certainly can't trust them to adhere to health and safety guidelines later, when businesses and people are ready to adhere to health and safety guidelines, when people wear masks and businesses refuse service to those who don't.

I mean, after all, masks are a hell of a lot more important than shirts or shoes. When people respect each other's and essential workers' health and safety, we will be ready to re-open. Thank you again, Rep. Mike Jones, for being a great example of why Gov. Tom Wolf is right. York County is not yet ready to re-open. Your and your “friends'” poor behavior has proven that.