LETTER: Vote by mail this year (it's easy and responsible)

Betty Hooker
American Association of University Women
FILE - In this March 10, 2020, file photo wearing gloves, a King County Election worker collect ballots from a drop box in the Washington State primary, in Seattle. But the 2020 presidential election is creeping ever closer, and there are no signs yet of pandemic abating, nor any word on when Americans on orders to stay home can resume normal life, and so lawmakers are trying to figure how to allow for voting in a world where face-to-face contact causes anxiety at the least, and sickness and death at the most. (AP Photo/John Froschauer, File)

I enjoy voting in person, but this year I will vote by mail. It is just too thoughtless to expose vulnerable poll workers and my neighbors to a dangerous infection.

It only takes a few minutes to apply for a mail-in ballot. Visit the website at www.votespa.com by the May 26 deadline. The ballot must be returned to the elections office by 8 p.m. on June 2.  You may put it in the mail or take it to the county board of elections. For more information call 717-771-9604.

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The last day to update your voter registration or to register for the first time is May 18. Use the www.votespa.com website. The website also provides detailed voting information. 

Voting is everyone’s civic duty. Simplify the process by using the no-excuse mail-in ballot this year. 

— Betty Hooker is Get Out the Vote chair of the York branch of the American Association of University Women.