LETTER: York Township residents lost dedicated volunteer

Greg Bortner
Springfield Township
Goodwill Fire Company in York Township. Christopher Dornblaser photo.

Several months ago there was an unfortunate incident involving a volunteer firefighter and a state trooper. I would like to say a couple of things about this. Simply stated the state trooper should not be shoved. I am sure the firefighter knows he was wrong.

However, there is a little more to this story. I am a former volunteer EMT. I have been to many accident scenes. Emotions can run very high. Tension could be cut with a knife. Firefighters and EMS responders are very aware the patient safety and patient care are job one.

That obviously is where this incident started. The troopers were thinking about treating the overdose and the firefighter was thinking patient safety. Been there done that. I also admit to having a few heated discussions with troopers.

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If you believe in the strict application of the law, you think this firefighter got what he deserved. I do not know this firefighter. I do know this: He was a dedicated volunteer. He was a paramedic. He rearranged his schedule to be available when the station was understaffed.

The real losers in this incident are the residents of York Township. You lost an individual who apparently was very dedicated to you, the citizens. The number of volunteer firefighters continue to decline. York Township has one less.