LETTER: Which party is Congressman Smucker's?

Jim Sandoe
U.S. representatives Lloyd Smucker and Scott Perry, right, listen to Vice President Mike Pence who spoke during an appearance at JLS Automation in Springettsbury Township Thursday, June 6, 2019. Bill Kalina photo

I wonder which party Lloyd Smucker will be running under in 2020.

He certainly can’t claim to be a Republican. Let’s look at Republican values; fiscal responsibility (deficit, with the tax cut, has increased almost $2 trillion just this year), family values (kidnapping and holding children in cages seems to exclude this one, not to mention his Mennonite upbringing), lower taxes (he has lowered taxes for the highest earners, but mine actually went up), strong military (he has voted for some good things, but he voted for the Mission Act which would cut up to 17,000 doctors and nurses from the VA system. As a veteran this one is completely infuriating), plus he voted for the $700 billion defense budget.

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Did you know that the U.S. operates more than 700 military bases around the world? As a veteran who had access to some budget documents during my service, I’ve never seen anyone waste as much money as the Department of Defense. Do you know the last time Congress authorized a budget analysis of the Department of Defense? Never!

Lloyd needs to start working for the people of Lancaster and York counties and our values. It looks like he completely changed his values once he got to Washington.

Come back home and actually talk to the people, Lloyd. How about having a town hall?