LETTER: 'That's the government!'

Terry Bluett
Seven Valleys
REAL ID-Compliant Driver's License
Submitted photo

I decided to follow the government’s suggestion to get my Real ID license early and before the rush.

Knowing I would sit for at least a couple of hours, I packed up plenty of reading materials. Past experience also prompted me to bring every document I may possibly need or my long wait would be in vain. I brought my passport, birth certificate, baptismal certificate, current driver’s license, credit cards, two recent utility bills showing my address, auto registration and proof of insurance.

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I also brought the Social Security card I was issued 60 years ago. Obviously, I have used it numerous times over the years. It seems that although it was issued by the Social Security Administration and looks official, it is the wrong half of the card issued me so many years ago. I was refused my Real ID license and told I needed to go to Social Security and wait another couple of hours and get a new card. I can then come back and wait another couple of hours and maybe get my Real ID license.

On the way out the guy I sat next to while waiting yelled out, “That’s the government!” Wouldn’t it be nice if the government used common sense and did things that made sense and saved people time, effort, money and frustration?  “That’s the government” could actually be said in a positive manor.

I ask you: Why can’t you issue a Real ID when presented with a passport, birth certificate and current driver’s license, etc.?