LETTER: Relief at polling places — really?

Harlan Harlacker

Regarding your Dec. 11 editorial “Clock ticks on election fixes,” not only do the York County Commissioners not want to be blamed for this stupidity, they hire an outside consulting firm for a tidy sum of $14,550 in taxpayers money to take the blame in case the taxpayers don't really like their idea. Did the commissioners ever think of polling York County fifth graders to solve their really tough problems?

I thought we really stepped into the 21st century when we got the touch screen voting machines. So easy, so simple: Just follow instructions and vote. Wrong. Someone could possibly tamper with our new voting machines, so we need a copy on paper. Simple: Plug a copying machine into the touch screen voting machine, and you'll have paper backup. Wrong again.

Temporary county workers Derek Kennell and Doris Feeser sort and store items returned from polling sites at the Elections and Voters Office at the York County Administration Building Thursday, November 7, 2019. The final vote tally was released earlier that morning after glitches with the new voting procedure on Tuesday delayed the count. Bill Kalina photo

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We're going to go back to the 19th century and vote by putting an X in front of the person we’re voting for. This must be in secret also (like, who cares? I'll tell you how I voted if you really want to know).

Now to the hand-fed copying machine -- how do we know it's not tampered with? Why don't we just go the whole way back and count the ballets by hand. Better yet video record the counters.

This all boils down to one outcome. Election turnout numbers will decline. Do we really want to see this?

People get fed up with stupidity. We need to simplify voting. ID all voters and put at least one referendum on the ballot each time we vote. This gets voters out. Voters could be asked if they agree to abolish automatic pay raises for our legislators, or they agree to the fact the turnpike is required to give millions of dollars to PennDOT every year, causing the turnpike to raise tolls every year to stay in business.

Any major expensive problem that affects taxpayers should be voted on by them. This includes townships, schools, state and federal government. Referendums can get the government back to the people and get the people to the polls. Only people in power don't like referendums.—