LETTER: Add this to you holiday to-do list

Tracy Myers

The York Dispatch’s Nov. 29 editorial “Time to do the chores” is a good reminder that combating climate change can’t keep being put on the back burner. Much like an overfilled garage will stop accommodating new items, our planet will stop sustaining life if greenhouse gas emissions raise the global temperature too high.

This time of year it’s easy to neglect chores. There are presents to buy, cookies to bake and parties to attend. In all of the hustle and bustle, helping to save the planet is far from most people’s minds. That is, of course, except for those who have watched their homes be destroyed by floods or fires, exacerbated by the current climate catastrophe. For those people, the reality of global warming hits home, and it isn’t an issue to be stuffed in a closet to deal with another day.

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FILE - In this July 25, 2019, file photo, the sun sets in Cuggiono near Milan, Italy. A new U.N. report on warming and land use says climate change is hitting us where it counts: the stomach. The scientific report on Thursday, Aug. 8, finds that as the world warms it degrades the land more. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)

As you work through your to-do list this holiday season, I encourage you to add one more task. Contact your representative, Scott Perry or Llyod Smucker, and ask him to support HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This bill aims to lower carbon dioxide emissions by putting a fee on fossil fuels that will increase over time. If you’re worried this will mean less money for holiday spending due to higher energy bills, don’t fret. The money collected from the fee will be returned to you as a monthly dividend to spend how you choose.

This one task will go a long way in helping to complete the bigger chore of defeating global warming. Not to mention it’s less time consuming than cleaning out the garage.