LETTER: Why are North Codorus supervisors changing police plan?

Willa Lefever
North Codorus Township

I can hardly believe it, but the North Codorus Township supervisors are ignoring the will of the people again.

After withdrawing from Southwestern Regional Police Department, taking 48% of the budget, and causing that regional department to disband, our supervisors have now decided we should become a “member” of Northern York County Regional Police Department instead of “contracting services” as they unanimously voted to do on July 16.

A membership does get us a vote (one of nine since they serve nine municipalities), but at what expense? It will cost the township $23,000 to buy in and God only knows what it would cost to withdraw if after five years we feel that Northern Regional is not the best fit for our community.

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Residents make their feelings known during the North Codorus Township supervisor's vote on police services during a meeting Tuesday, July 16, 2019. The supervisors unanimously voted "yes" to employ the services Northern York County Regional Police in the township. Bill Kalina photo

For the life of me, I can't figure out why our supervisors would do this. Evaluating after a few years makes very good sense, and there may be support for becoming a “member” at that time.  Making a decision to become a “member” before we have any experience with Northern Regional’s service is definitely not wise and could have dire financial consequences.

If the supervisors really wanted to serve the people, they would explain why they’ve changed their minds, answer the residents’ questions and take a vote at an evening meeting when there would be more attendees. Instead they pulled a “bait and switch” and voted to draft a resolution for a joinder agreement at an 8 a.m. “budget” meeting when they knew very few, if any, residents would attend.

The residents of North Codorus Township are planning a rally at 7:30 a.m. – yes, 7:30 a.m. – Tuesday, Dec. 10, because at 8 a.m. the supervisors will try to sneak the final vote on the joinder resolution when then know very few residents will be able to attend to express their opposition.

We invite all concerned community members in the area to join us as we attempt to convince our supervisors to stay with their original decision. Visit Residents and Friends of North Codorus Township Facebook for details.