LETTER: Perry's primary challenger 'wet behind the ears'

Kevin Patrick Cummings
Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, left, and Rep. Scott Perry, R-Carroll Township, speak to reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

It is good thing for the 10th Congressional District that Bobby Jeffries is trying to latch onto President Trump’s coattails. It is good because it is a clear indicator that the Republicans are going to steamroll over the Democratic Presidential candidate and DePasquale in the 10th District in 2020.

Maybe Jeffries feels emboldened by Anastasia Ocasio Cortez to challenge an incumbent. However, Jeffries has no chance in beating Congressman Scott Perry in the Republican primary. Jeffries is trying to “out Trump” Congressman Perry for the sake of trying to win his base’s support.

Nice try. Did Jeffries introduce President Trump at the president’s 100 Day Rally in Harrisburg? Did he fly into Middletown on Air Force One for the rally to support truckers? No, it was Congressman Perry.

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Why? Because President Trump knows that Congressman Perry serves with distinction and the president surrounds himself with talent.

Jeffries could not hold a candle to Congressman Scott Perry’s resume. No one can. Which is why Eric Holder and the Democrats dismantled the 4th Congressional District and moved Perry into the newly formed 10th.

While it is commendable that Jeffries is gainfully employed managing a warehouse. We must remember that not only is Congressman Perry a businessman, he also served as a state representative and is a a brigadier general in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Furthermore, while little Bobby Jeffries was in school, Scott Perry was flying combat missions as a U.S. Army aviator in Iraq.

So, I think that Jeffries is still a little wet behind the ears to question Congressman Perry’s foreign policy on military action.

Furthermore, questioning Perry’s status with the Freedom Caucus is laughable. There is a reason why the Freedom Caucus members call Congressman Perry “The General.” It’s not just his rank; it’s his leadership.

I dare Jeffries to ask Freedom Caucus members Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan who they’d pick to serve with them in Congress. Or better yet, ask Republican stalwart Louis Gohmert? When they finish laughing, they will give you the same answer that all conservative Republicans give: Congressman Scott Perry.