LETTER: Let's keep voting reform momentum going

Carol Stowell
Paradise Township
York County Elections and Voter Registration Director Nikki Suchanic talks about the ballot collection while standing amid cases loaded with them in the Elections Office at the York County Administrative Center Wednesday, November 6, 2019. Problems with the new voting procedures on Election Day required the ballots to be rescanned. Bill Kalina photo

There seems to be so much corruption and political fighting in both our federal and state government that few good laws get passed. But this past month our state government did pass a voting reform package — so let’s take a moment to celebrate the first electoral reform package in 80 years.

Thank you, Gov. Tom Wolf, and others who shepherded the legislation. The main change is “no excuse absentee ballots.” This will allow any Pennsylvanian to avoid long lines at the upcoming 2020 election — or any election in the future. We will be able to request an absentee ballot online or by phone, complete the ballots in the comfort of our homes and mail them in or drop them off at designated centers.

Colorado, Maine, Ohio and other states have ballots mailed to all registered voters, and this moves Pennsylvania in a similar direction.

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The bill also reduces the voter registration deadline from 30 to 15 days before an election.

Our state has the largest and most expensive state legislature and is ranked the fifth most corrupt. We also need a gift ban, campaign finance reform, and to end gerrymandering with an independent citizens redistricting commission.

So legislators, let’s keep the momentum going and re-earn the trust of your constituents with more good government reform legislation.