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LETTER: How do criminals relate to 'stand your ground' law?

George Herman
Conewago Township

The York Dispatch editorial on "stand your ground" was lengthy but did not say how it related to the daily shootings in York, Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

The perpetrators and many of the victims had previous extensive criminal records involving stolen firearms. I read the York newspapers and this is what I see. The drive-by shootings and killing of children had nothing to do with "stand your ground" or self-defense. 

When a legislator proposes a law or the repeal of a law they need to have a thorough understanding of the issue, and sometimes they lack that understanding. So, I ask, how do these criminals with stolen guns relate to "stand your ground"?  Will there be some weasel-worded reason?

Internet news does not go as well with a morning cup of coffee as a newspaper does. Not even close, so we need you to not equate law-abiding citizens with criminals.

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