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LETTER: 'Storming' hearing an amateurish stunt

James M. Smoker
Republican lawmakers, from left, Rep. Scott Perry, R-Carroll Township, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Lee Zeldin R-N.Y., arrive Monday for a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill.

An open letter to Congressman Scott Perry:

Honorable Congressman Perry,

I was astonished to read that you were among the 42 or so Republican members of our House of Representatives to "storm" a secure room in a desperate attempt to shut down the closed impeachment inquiry testimony and hearing of the House Intelligence Committee. You and your Republican House of Representatives colleagues cited this action was to call attention to the secrecy surrounding the House Impeachment Inquiries.

Yet you and your colleagues well know the purpose of these closed hearings is to assure the integrity of the witness testimonies. You and your colleagues are also well aware that public hearings are forthcoming and your president will have the opportunity to provide testimony.

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During the Clinton Administration, when the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives, a similar approach was taken during the closed impeachment inquiries prior to the initiation of open session impeachment proceedings. During the Benghazi House and Senate hearings the same approach was employed by the Republicans. Yet, today you and your colleagues cry foul?

What is also ironic is that you and 40 or so of your Republican colleagues sit on the three House committees conducting the impeachment inquiries. You, Scott Perry, are a member of one of those committees the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The other two committees with Republican representation are the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. To suggest that these sessions are held in secret with no Republican representation is absurd. This behavior was a cheap photo op for your base of supporters because, as you well know, there were Republican members of the House engaged in these closed-door hearings as well. I feel your behavior and that of your colleagues was amateurish at best and broke with longstanding House Rules.

I trust the electorate will decide if you are fit for another term in office.