LETTER: Not all regional police departments equal

Willa Lefever
North Codorus Township
Residents make their feelings known during the North Codorus Township supervisor's vote on police services during a meeting Tuesday, July 16, 2019. The supervisors unanimously voted "yes" to employ the services Northern York County Regional Police in the township. Bill Kalina photo

With Southwestern Regional Police Department dissolving, I encourage the residents of Heidelberg Township and Spring Grove to get involved in the police decision of their municipality.

The police departments being considered, Northern York County Regional and York Area Regional, are not the same. Both can provide adequate police service but the culture and philosophy of the departments are quite different.

Find out which department the remaining Southwestern officers want to work for and why. Find out why years ago one of the current Southwestern officers left Northern just a few weeks after being hired. Find out how many of the officers have, or will, apply at Northern. If they do apply, find out how many of them are likely to be hired. If any are hired, find out how long they are likely to stay on the force.

If you liked the laid back, down to earth, people and community-oriented nature of Southwestern Regional, then York Area is definitely the better fit. In fact, many residents of North Codorus Township are already holding a vision of switching to York Area when our five-year contract with Northern is up. If Spring Grove and Heidelberg choose York Area now, in five years we could all be part of a regional department with the heart of Southwestern.

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