Many York County voters have had the opportunity to meet Ron Smith during the past year as he has been running for county commissioner. You’ve gotten the opportunity to learn how closely he listens to citizen concerns, to learn about his background as a public servant, both as an elected official and a volunteer, and to learn about his ideas about how to improve the state of affairs in York County.

While this is great insight for those of you who are meeting Ron for the first time, it’s kind of “old hat” for me. I’ve had the privilege to know Ron for more than 30 years — worked with him for 26 — and know him to be all of the above and more. I know him to be a tireless worker, fiscally astute, dogged when finding solutions to complex problems, and as honest as anyone I know. He is a man of principle and character who holds himself to the highest standard.

Knowing him as well as I do, I’m excited at the prospect of Ron Smith representing me, a pretty typical York County citizen.

You should be too, and I urge you join me and my family in voting for Ron Smith for York County commissioner. He’s right for York County.

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