LETTER: A laugh at Smith's answers

Joe Szmajda
Ron Smith, borough council president at Dallastown Borough, is running for York County commissioner in 2019.

I had the biggest laugh this evening when I read Ron Smith's answers to the questions that were asked on how to fix York County.

In one, he stated the York government needs to be transparent to be an effective government. Well, I am wondering where that transparency is on Dallastown Borough Council, where he is president. As a resident, I attended several meetings and when I questioned the accountability of the work force, mainly maintenance, I was told there was no accountability needed and it was information I did not need to know.

That is strange. I was a tax-paying Dallastown, and I was not privileged to know how my taxes were being spent. That's transparency alright.

I also enjoyed his sound financial policies that benefited taxpayers. The Dallastown Borough Council is so proud of itself that the taxes either did not go up or in small increments. What the residents seem to pay are higher charges, that did go up every year, for services supplied to the residents. I guess my taxes staying the same but service fees increasing every year was sound financial policies.

Then Smith says he wants to get more companies to move into the York area. Where is that enthusiasm as Dallastown Borough Council president? If that is the case, when has a new business opened on Main Street or anywhere in Dallastown? How many new businesses have opened up since 2005, when I moved to Dallastown? Probably less than 20 and maybe even less than 10.  

But to be fair to Smith, the other candidates may be hypocritical, but since I have no first-hand experience dealing with them I cannot comment on them.

Like a true Democrat, he wants to make York better – and the hardest workers will pay for it.

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