LETTER: Thompson seeks community support

Sandra Thompson
Springettsbury Township
Sandra Thompson

I am Sandra Thompson, candidate for judge for the York County Court of Common Pleas, and I ask for your vote on Nov. 5.

I have been an attorney for 20 years in family and criminal law. For almost 30 years, I have served youth, adults and seniors of the York County community in various positions in the criminal justice system, including adult probation, case manager for delinquent and dependent youth, and assistant public defender and assistant district attorney.

I am a woman of faith and I walk in purpose. I am committed to making justice and fairness accessible to all by fairly applying the law. I will not prejudge or misjudge any individual or family, because I am living proof that anyone can overcome their circumstances no matter their tribulations.

I lead by example to find positivity and purpose in all circumstances. As judge, I can fairly, but firmly, help people address their root issues, matching people in crisis with community resources to help them pay restitution, reach rehabilitation, and be positively restored to society. This makes us stronger as a community.

Our leaders must understand the real life struggles of the communities they serve. I believe my life and career experiences bring a broader perspective to the bench in York County. Vote for change.

I am asking for the whole community’s support by voting for me, Sandra Thompson, for judge of York County Court of Common Pleas on Nov. 5.

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